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Landscape Lighting Transformers

This week our designer & technician Gabrielle Murphy mounted her first professional-grade stainless steel transformer, complete with conduit, photo cell, and automatic timer. Our set-ups comply with electrical code and include either a 15-Year or Lifetime Warranty from the manufacture. Included with most installations are automatic timers configured with photocells that allow the lighting system to turn on at sunset and off at the homeowner's preferred time (usually between 10:30 about 11:30 PM).

Often we get requests to inspect and possibly restore older systems. When we find quality professional units in place, we may save homeowners the expense of replacing their pre-existing transformers. These can several years and are not often the problem for a problematic system, unless units are improperly mounted or in a poor location, or made of materials other than stainless steel.

When we install a new system, we specify the transformer size to have the capacity not only for a basic installation, but with the adequate power necessary for future add-on landscape lighting fixtures or zones.

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