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Murphy Outdoor Lighting Hilton Head, Bluffton Beaufort SC  Since 2007

"Mike added that final feature that our beloved home was lacking. We had outdoor lighting installed initially by our landscaper and was never pleased with the results. When Mike installed the lighting it was very dramatic and brought attention to the architectural nuances of my home in addition to landscaping. Although I haven’t had any issues since installation, he’s always been readily available if I had any maintenance questions. Quality service!"  --Lighting Review by Claude Tolbert

Home Accent Lighting, Tropical Landscapes, and more!  Murphy Outdoor Lighting | Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Beaufort SC.  Landscape Lighting Designs and Installations by Michael Murphy of Bluffton.  Technical design based on over thirty years of lighting for photography & media arts.  Automated Low-Voltage Outdoor-Lighting LED Systems include follow-up and commitment to service, backed by the values of our locally-owned family business.

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Michael Murphy of Bluffton SC
Owner/Lighting Designer,  Since 2007

hilton head lighting
Michael Murphy, Owner

"Murphy Lighting did a fantastic job installing our yard lights. He offered suggestions on where lights should go and what kinds of lights to use and his suggestions were right on. We would definitely use him again. Highly recommend."  --Lighting Review by Lynn Leggett

Outdoor Lighting Bluffton SC
Outdoor Lighting Transformer
LED Lighting Hilton Head SC

LIGHTING INSTALLATIONS INCLUDE: Lifetime Solid Brass & Copper Fixtures, Lifetime Crimped Connections Encased in Sealant (no twist-on connectors, electrical tape, etc.), trenched cables, automated timers, and beautiful illumination projected by high performance LED's.  Itemized competitive quotes.  Experts agree on these best-recommended outdoor lighting materials, especially for coastal communities in South Carolina, such as Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort regions. 
Automated outdoor lighting systems typically start in the $3,000's, depending on the scale of project.  We offer low-voltage lighting ideas for beauty, safe passage, security, and for the enjoyment of outdoor spaces.  We source premium materials in bulk and/or direct from manufacturers, our rates are very competitive, call us first!

Outdoor LED Lighting Restorations:  For Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, abd Beaufort homeowners considering landscape lighting restoration and renovation of older low-voltage lighting systems.  Includes a review of pre-existing transformers, cables, splices, and fixtures, plus recommendations for new design elements, replacements, or add-ons.  

Coppermoon Landscape Lighting Bluffton

We source direct from manufacturers.
urable lifetime fixtures are made of solid brass or copper.  Outdoor lighting systems we installed on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort since our beginning in 2007 remain standing with integrity to the harsh marine climate of coastal South Carolina. Optional copper fixtures are available made by family- owned Coppermoon in Georgia, USA:

PROFESSIONAL LED LIGHTING.  Specified for high performance and longevity, as well as for optimal lumens (brightness), beam spread, and color (measured in temperature, for example, warm white = 2700 degrees).  In addition to these qualities, we also source LED lamps which offer a very high CRI value; a high Color Rendering Index number means more natural colors will be reflected from your illuminated subjects.

Landscape Lighting Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort SC
Outdoor Lighting Bluffton SC

AUTOMATED SELF-ADJUSTING TIMERS.  LED Lighting systems are programmed to function automatically, and timers continually self-adjust to turn on your lights at sunset, with your own predetermined off-time.  Homeowners have a choice of a digital astronomical timer or a traditional mechanical timer with a photocell combination.  

"Great guy who knows his craft. He is a perfectionist who will take the time to discuss all your thoughts and concerns. Solid quality brass fixtures will surely last a ling time. Couldn't have gone better." Landscape Lighting Review by Bradford Emmert, Hilton Head Island

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Landscape Lighting Bluffton
Landscape Lighting Bluffton SC
Landscape Lighting Bluffton, SC

SOUTH CAROLINA SCENERY.  Our Landscape Lighting Design for home portraits or "scenes" have two elements.  First, to showcase architectural features on structures with warm accent lighting (where appropriate), and secondly, to enhance the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort, and all the sea islands and low country of Beaufort County, South Carolina, by bringing to life majestic oaks, tropical gardens, and other key focal points of landscapes and gardens. 


Maps of Regions Served for Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations

Map Beaufort County Area Served SC

Beaufort County South Carolina

Lighting Area Served Hilton Head Island Map
Map of Lighting Area Served Bluffton, SC

Hilton Head Island

Bluffton, SC

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